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Funny But the criticism by some really now.

Well IT was an overall Funny and Delicious Animation all in all. It does deserve Front Page MOVIE Of the week. I don't see how some people are dissing on this saying it was stupid cause this got game of the week when it said Movie of the week above it. I liked the Characters. I Loved how When i saw the beginning the true epicness of the video. He stood there just with that Amazing Intensity. But as soon as it showed him in the office. I just started Loling At the sound of that just being his normal voice. :P Well Gj Johnny And I hope to see more great work by you.

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10 Gallons Of Lol

Loved the Original youtube Video. This Twas Hilarious :D Loved your style of animating Its really Awesome. Also The Loud Screaming was Just cracking me up. I laughed such a storm, My Parents Kicked me off the computer. It was even funnier second time around. Great job and Kudos to ur L4D flash Love it Gonna tell Everyones!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Sh0T-D0wN responds:

:D! Lol.

Yay! :D

Great job man. I really like the serious already. the story seems to go along pretty well and you sure did a pretty good job of explaining how the one piece world would enter into the naruto world also ive played Jump Super stars vol 1 and 2!

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Why did you make my day with this. I loved the Story to this. This is defiantly a 10/10 Good work. I F***ING LOVE ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!

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MichaelJ responds:


Nooooooes :C

I dont wanna be the Flash game I WANNA BE THE GUY :C. WHich is a fun game and this game should Get Some more Points for Having my love of dieing and Everything :D in this Awesome game. I beat it before i logged in :C and I just scrolled down to some of the comments and im Like WHAT :| really This game deserves Better. I give u A DOUBLE THUMBS UP.

Loved It !

Didnt think this would come out so soon. I was waiting for the sequel u spoke of and I did enjoy it. I got An A in my survival and An A In my Compassion. Which is true for me. And i love the Ad at the end. Lol If u loved the game you should try this game out : D Well It worked but it worked along time ago. Who Hasnt been looking for a zombie MMO. Lol Well i congratulate you for your amazing Game and i gradually want to say thank you for ur time in making Dead frontier Series and MMO. Both have been really great and hope to see More Sequel games in the future and Look Forward to the 3D Update for Deadfrontier in June.

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U are seriously awesome love some of the flcl stuff in it

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Mario Valut-boy

Imagine what it would be like if mario used to be the valut-boy How strange would that be????

having a hard time

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